Communication & Engagement


The INTENS project recognises the importance of effective dissemination of project results and engaging people affected by short bowel syndrome. As result of this intention, the team has deliberately included the direct involvement of a dissemination and outreach partner represented by the coordinating partner (University of Edinburgh) of the Horizon coordination and support action EuroStemCell ( project.

EuroStemCell is aims to provide accurate, accessible and credible information about stem cell research and its implications for society. The centerpiece of the project is a website which contains fact sheets, articles and educational resources available in six European languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Polish).

Throughout the INTENS project, we will be working with EuroStemCell to provide readable information about stem cells, the intestine and developments in our research. These will be suitable for people who are interested in what we do, but are not from the scientific community (for example people affected by conditions, their caregivers, patient advocacy organisations, educationalist, policy makers and media professionals). We will also produce an educational resource that others can use to discuss stem cell research and the intestine.

The focus point for the project dissemination efforts is WP6 of the project plan “Dissemination, patient engagement” and captures the main activities that are intended to drive the result of the project into wider use and exploitation.