D5.2 Verification of qualitative PCR methodology in line with the rules on dissemination of Horizon 2020, the following “public” deliverables will be made available throughout the project: Download PDF

D6.1 Website [due date: June 2016] Download PDF

D4.1 Obtaining tissue [due date: December 2016] Download PDF

D6.2 Tool for engaging the public [Due date: June 2017] Download PDF

D1.3 Guidelines for quality assessment of intestinal cell lineages utilised for transplantation [Due date: July 2018] Download PDF

D6.5 Dissemination event with patient groups [due date: June 2019] Download PDF

D5.1 Analysis of TEI in mouse [due date: September 2019] Download PDF

D6.6 Report on health economics related to INTENS objectives [re-submitted version] Download PDF

D6.4 Report on dissemination of project outcomes, patient engagement and mobility program [due date: July 2020] Download PDF

D5.2 Outcome and function of TEI in piglets [due date: August 2020]

D4.4 SOP for the cell culture methods [due date: February 2021] Download PDF

D5.3 Outcome and function of TEI in short bowel syndrome piglets [due date: December 2021]