“Any questions?” – INTENS researchers reply to patients’ questions

INTENS has been working with The Short Gut Families Support Group to hear and answer their questions about our research. The support group, which is a global network of support for anyone ‘who knows and loves a child with short gut syndrome or a similar diagnosis’ is run through Facebook and has over 3000 members. Being in dialogue with those affected by short gut syndrome is of the upmost importance to INTENS, in sharing insight and shaping future priorities for…

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New study brings gut regeneration a step closer to reality

In a recent paper, researchers have shown that all immature cells that will become gut cells, can develop into stem cells. Partially funded by INTENS, the findings could help improve stem cell therapy. Stem cells are found throughout our bodies and play a lead role in repairing and renewing our tissues and organs. For example, stem cells in our gut make new gut lining cells to replenish old ones. Up to now, it was thought that whether or not an…

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